Wednesday – Mail Day

December 17, 2008


Kilcowera Station Homestead - Outback Queensland

Kilcowera Station Homestead - Outback Queensland











Up early – just before dawn, it’s the nicest time of day to sit on the front verandah, have yummy coffee, listen to the birds and plan my day.  It’s 4 days since we had a bit of rain -16 mls, very nice!  But time to start watering gardens again both here at the house and at the shearers quarters.




Greg is packing himself up to do a days work on the dozer clearing a fence line between us and Currawinya National Park.  It’s a 30 km drive out to the dozer before he can start so he sometimes camps out there for the night to save time and fuel. This is him on the way out.



                                      Greg in Station vehicle on the way to work - Kilcowera Station - Outback Queensland



Wednesdays and Saturdays are our mail days and the mail person brings the stuff right to our front door.  The mailman has a contract with Australia Post to deliver mail to the stations along particular runs twice a week.  Our mail run would be about a 300 km round trip and includes 6 stations.


Our head honcho mailman drives up and down to Brisbane a couple of times a week in a fairly big truck to supply Thargomindah and the surrounding district with goods.  He delegates the smaller runs to his wife and assorted other drivers.



To supplement the money from Australia Post the mailman also brings goods out that the station people have ordered from town.  He or she could have anything on board from groceries and cold goods to fuel, beer, chooks, feed supplements, parts for machinery, vehicles and bikes, plants, Christmas presents and visitors.  He brought my Christmas ham out last Saturday from our nearest butcher 300 km away.


They usually do their mail runs in traytop Toyota Landcruisers or Hilux’s  (utes).  Most people drive Toyotas out here as they are about the only vehicle that won’t fall apart on our roads.  Toyota also has many dealerships and service centers in outback Australia.  Sometimes the run is done in a truck when someone has ordered something big like steel for fencing or yard building, tanks or troughs, machinery or building materials. 



                                        The mailman coming in our front driveway - Kilcowera Station    



 Further west where the stations are a million plus acres, mail, groceries, bread and small parcels are taken in by plane right to each stations private airstrip.  Some of these bigger places are a hundred or more kilometers from their nearest neighbour.



Our current mail man is a remarkable man of about 80 who has been in south west Queensland most of his life, mostly on the land but he is semi retired now.  I think he is retiring completely in 2009.  We will miss him as he is one of nature’s gentlemen.  All the best Jack.




                                           Mail bag ready to go at Kilcowera Station













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