Meet some outback characters.

December 19, 2008



Jilleroos on Kilcowera Station - Outback Australia
Jilleroos on Kilcowera Station – Outback Australia

You get to meet some very interesting people out here and your often thrown together for longish periods of time, so you learn their stories and their foibles.


No too many years after we married, the running of both properties fell on my husbands shoulders.  He was ready for the job but did need an overseer type of bloke to manage and live on our second property. We found Bob and Sue, a local couple in their late 40’s or early 50’s.  They had been managing another place in the district but it had been sold and they were looking for a new place to live.


To say they were a Godsend would not be exaggerating.  They knew their stock, windmills, pumps, they looked after our gear and were frugal, kind hearted people.  They also loved children and had none of their own, so became wonderful baby sitters to our 2 girls who were about 6 and 4 at the time.  The kids adored Bob and Sue.



                                    Penny for his thoughts.



Bob was fairly deaf and saw no reason to wear his hearing aid when there was only the two of them around the place most of the time.  Sue knew which was his good ear!  We were invited over to lunch one day and in deference to the occasion Bob puts his hearing aid in.  A family of lousyjacks had moved into the garden and were squabbling  and screeching all around the house and the dogs were barking at them all creating a fair amount of noise.  Too much for Bob “Bloody hell! I can’t put up with that! “ and ripped it back out.


I had been a city girl and only been in the bush 5 or 6 years, I had learned a lot but it seemed there was always more and more to learn.  Sue helped in so many ways – I was in awe of her – she was so capable at just about anything!  She could repair tubes and tyres on the Toyotas and bikes – all on her own!  Even out in the paddock if she had too.  She could also castrate lambs with her teeth!  I saw her do it!


                                    Cleeaning a stock trough - Kilcowera Station- Outback Queensland.



She was a really good bush cook and could whip up things like Jam Roley Poley, Johnny Cakes and scones, pies and pasties as quick as she did the tyres. She opened my eyes to the fact that we sometimes place limits on ourselves when we really shouldn’t especially out here where we really have to be self reliant.


Bob and Sue stayed with us for 5 or 6 years and then moved on, we were lucky to have had them work for us at that time.




                                  Kilcowera Station - Outback Queensland












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