Tales of broken down planes and brown snakes in outback Queensland part 1.

December 22, 2008





 I always take myself for a little fly on my birthday so as that’s tomorrow I thought today was close enough.  I had fuelled the plane up yesterday, checked the oil, coolant and tyres. Dawn saw me doing the daily inspection all over and around the plane, every things OK, so I start her up. 


As soon as I moved off and used a little brake I felt something was wrong.  I attempted to run the engine to 3800 rpm to check the CDI’s while keeping the plane stationary with the brakes, but the brakes wouldn’t hold.  The left hand brake line has a crack in it and is letting the brake fluid out.


Now the thought did cross my mind that the wind was straight down the longest airstrip and I really could get away with no brakes if I really needed to go for a fly.  But it’s an unnecessary risk seeing as I don’t really have to go.  So put the plane back in the hanger.  Our maintenance man flies out from Gympie to do any work that needs to be done on my little bus, so when he’ll be able to fit in a trip out here to fix it is in the lap of the gods, especially at this time of the year.


Me fueling up my Skyfox

Me fueling up my Skyfox

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