Changes through the years Part 1

December 26, 2008

Old Crown stove - Kilcowera Station - Outback Queensland - Station Stay - Farm Stay
Old Crown stove – Kilcowera Station – Outback Queensland – Station Stay – Farm Stay

Changes through the years.  Part 1


I was poking around the shearers quarters yard this morning, moving sprinklers and spreading the poddies manure about on the lawn (they move in over summer to keep the grass down) and thinking of some of the things that have changed over the years.


I suppose the biggest in your face change is the shearers quarters itself.  When we first married and moved to Kilcowera, Greg and I, closely followed by 2 daughters, lived in the quarters.  But not the nice building there today.  Oh no, the one we lived in was drafty, freezing cold, or super hot and was a major conduit for the inflow of dust. 


We had 32 volt power supplied by a big old diesel Lister engine and a bank of second hand Telecom batteries for lighting at night after the engine was turned off.  The lights were pretty dim too.  In winter the diesel would freeze in the fuel tank overnight and the engine could not be started till about 10 am.  This old engine below is similar to the one we hadin our engine room.  That old engine room has been scrubbed up and made into an extra bathroom now.




                                                  Southern Cross Stationary Diesel Motor - Kilcowera Station    


 I was extremely lucky in so much as I had a 32 volt vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust, a 32 v mix master, 3 evaporative coolers that worked some of the time and best of all a 32 volt Simpson agitator washing machine complete with a wringer!  Honestly they were fantastic old machines, simple to use and to fix.  Every time one washing machine would die Greg seemed to have another one nearby to cannibalize for parts and bingo! I’d have a washing machine again.  The old machines are still lined up at the old dump near the quarters.  And we also have a new line up now of dead automatic  machines that only seem to last about 2 years.  They’re in the hanger.  I don’t know why.  Spare parts?


The kitchen was interesting. We had an old Crown wood stove which had a state of the art hot water system attached to it.  I had a lot to learn in the cooking department on this wood burning beast!  Now actually I wasn’t a bad cook except for one whole class of food….. no make that two.  Cakes and biscuits and deserts were my problem.  The savoury stuff was all go – even though I did blanch a bit at tongues, hearts, livers, sweet breads and brains!  I had been a city girl – my Mum had made me eat tripe when I was a kid but after I threw up she gave up on trying to improve my palate and I never developed a taste for offal.  But people in the bush love it. All those aforementioned things are a treat and certainly not to be wasted.  Not much is wasted in the bush.  Anyway being the young bride and eager to please, I learned how to cook the offally bits.


But I also had to tackle the sweet things cause the blokes out here sneer at Arnotts biscuits! Suffice to say I did learn and developed a bit of a sweet tooth too.  This is the kitchen in the new shearers quarters.



                                       Kitchen at Kilcowera Station - Station Stay - Farm Stay - Outback Australia







5 Responses to “Changes through the years Part 1”

  1. antikva said

    HA! and here was me marveling at my orange stove 🙂

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