New Years Day

December 31, 2008


Cattle at the 7 mile - Outback Australia - Cattle Station - Kilcowera Station
Cattle at the 7 mile – Outback Australia – Cattle Station – Kilcowera Station


Greg spent yesterday cleaning troughs on Zenonie, our other block which is adjacent to Kilcowera. Z has 7 windmills on it, pumping water from either wells or sub artesian bores.  Some of the well water is yucky and the cattle won’t drink it if the trough gets a bit dirty and they do with the cattle slobbering in them, dropping bones and dirt in, roos and pigs jumping in and things dying in them.  The next image is looking down a recently refurbished well on Zenonie.


                                  Looking down a well on Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.




We have to be careful not too waste too much water during cleaning, if there is not much wind the cattle and roos can drink the tank dry and then we have to move them to another facility or put a pump jack on instead of the windmill.  A pump jack is a diesel engine which makes the rods go up and down pumping the water up into the tank.  The PJ is time consuming to set up and needs constant monitoring.  Water problems always happen in summer usually when the temperature is over 40. It’s a bugger of a job moving a mob of unhappy cattle on a bike in the middle of the day.


Later this morning we are going out to move a mob who are hanging on a drying up waterhole on our boundary.  We’ll take them back to the trough where they have been drinking for the last 8 months.  Cattle can be very contrary and we know all the spots where it is likely they will hang out and perish.  They sort of get used to having the odd little waterhole for drinking and forget about the man made watering points when there has been a bit of rain.


Cattle from one of our neighbours have also gotten themselves onto the bottom end of Zenonie, and are hanging on another drying up waterhole.  If they are not moved they will die as they don’t know where the troughs are. So we made sure he knows and he will be out moving cattle too on New Years day. He,he,he!


The rest of the day will be put in painting doors and architraves at our Shearers quarters and moving sprinklers. So a happy New Year to all and may it be a wet one!!


       Moving cattle on Kilcowera Station, Outback Queensland


This shot shows us moving some last summer.  Oh well enough, gotta go do some work.  Cheers.



2 Responses to “New Years Day”

  1. Rita said

    What a great blog you have, zenonie.
    I really like your stories, and the photos are stunning.
    I’ll come back again.
    Happy New Year to you and the family. Wish you lots of rain.
    Cheers, Rita

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