Lake Wyara a Wetland of International significance.

January 23, 2009

 In 1991 National Parks and Wildlife took over the grazing property Currawinya, our eastern neighbour.   They also took Lake Wyara a 6000 ha salt lake classified as Vacant Crown Land which was our eastern boundary and physically on Kilcowera.


When Lake Wyara is full it’s a beautiful blue saline expanse of wetland that supports enormous numbers of birds, fish, turtles, crustaceans and sea grasses.  It is filled by 5 big creeks, 3 of which start and end on Kilcowera, Benanga, Youlaingee and Kihi creeks.  The lake has been listed by RAMSAR as a wetland of international significance.


Lake Wyara is a RAMSAR listed wetland of International significance.


Lake Wyara had some water in it in 2008, this picture taken from the north and at 1500 feet.


We have an interesting scenic drive which is a 60 km round trip out through our Lake paddock.  It goes over the highest country on Kilcowera and offers great views of Lake Wyara and the creeks.  The lake has been pretty much dry for about 4 years now but surely it will fill again soon.


Kilcowera has many different types of vegetation and land types, ranging from dunes to gibber plains, out around the lake is sort of like channel country with small dunes.

Pink Eared Ducks, Lake Wyara, Kilcowera Station - Outback Australia

The image above shows Pink Eared Ducks on one of the creeks that flow into Lake Wyara.  We see some interesting birds out there not seen around the Homestead, like the gibber bird  and orange chat.  Of course when the lake is full it is teeming with water birds. These beautiful birds below are Red Necked Avocets.  To be continued………….


Red Necked Avocet, Kilcowera Station - Outback Queensland.

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