Lake Wyara’s water birds.

January 26, 2009

10,000 odd pelicans call Lake Wyara home in 2008.
10,000 odd pelicans call Lake Wyara home in 2008.


In the first half of 2008 there were approximately 10,000 pelicans breeding on the western shore of Lake Wyara.  It was a magic sight and sound and smell to stand out there seeing all those pelicans that had come all this way from the coast to breed.  In the 28 years that I have been here it is only the second time that I have seen them breeding on Lake Wyara.  They could have been there at other times though. 


They kinda snuck up on me this time as I did not think there was enough water in the lake for anything much to be happening there.  Then out of the blue a journalist rings me up and asked “ How’s your pelicans going?”

 Says I “No pelicans here mate”. 

Journo “Well the National park ranger reckons there’s about ten thousand on Lake Wyara.”  “Hmm, I’ll ring you back tomorrow when I check it out.”  So a quick fly out over the lake confirmed this amazing news.  Here’s some pictures.


Pelican Rookery on the western side of Lake Wyara at Kilcowera Station, outback Queensland.

 Greg and National Parks are currently working on a new boundary fence that will keep stock out of the park and enable us to use our 70,000 acre Lake paddock again. We have had no stock in it for 5 years as a part of the old boundary fence was pushed down for a road to the lake from the Currawinya side.  This little guy just came right up to us to check us out and then waddled off to his mates. 




Baby pelican at Kilcowera Station Outback Australia.

3 Responses to “Lake Wyara’s water birds.”

  1. Kat Daughter said

    LOL at “No pelicans here mate”. How’s the fencing going?

    • zenonie said

      Hi there missus! The fencing is at a stand still as Grant is doing some other fence then has to do his shearing, might get going here in about 3 weeks or so. Take care, me.

  2. Kat Daughter said

    I passed this onto a good friend of mine at work – Rachel, Ang met her at Christmas – and she was most impressed. I think it took her mind off a horror day at work!

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