Catalogues this week – Innovations, Damart, Retravision, Cellar Masters.

February 28, 2009


Wedge Tailed Eagle - Photo by Peter Strutt

Wedge Tailed Eagle - Photo by Peter Strutt


A bit more on catalogues…….  Then there were the electrical and white goods catalogues.   Very drool worthy too.  Specialist lingerie ones and those for all things babyish, then along came wine and alcohol catalogues, office supplies, jewelry, Avon, shoes and RM Williams ones (too expensive!!!!!)

My silliest purchase was an expensive ring from Magnamail.  I ordered this diamond ring from a picture, paid up front and waited about 5 months before I received it.  Really thought that I had done my dough. When I did get the ring I was very happy with it though.   Thinking back, all I can say in my defense was that I hadn’t had a shopping splurge for a very long time. And I do love jewelry! 

But that’s not all, then there were the blokes catalogues.  Have you ever seen a bull catalogue?  The pages are strewn with cows and bulls backsides and bulls testicles.  Impressive stuff!!  Then there’s the machinery trader full of dozers, graders, trucks and bits and pieces that lift or push, dig or plough, water or cut something.


 Greg especially likes the camping, fishing, 4WD type of catalogues, poor bugger he doesn’t get away much to use our camping gear.  Our last big trip was maybe 5 years ago when we had a good look around WA.  He also likes tool and power tool catalogues, I try to make note of what especially interests him in these for future present giving.  Blokes are so hard to buy a pressie for – I mean you can’t give him a shirt or belt or socks – too boring.  But it’s gotta be something he lusts after.  I draw the line at a $7000 welder though .  I did buy him a Lindsell hoist one birthday cause his back isn’t as good as it used to be.  The doctor told him he should   reassess his capabilities after G strained some back muscles while lifting batteries out of his dozer.


Other super interesting ones he gets are water tank catalogues.  I tell you the makers of poly ethylene tanks have really branched out.  Did you know that you can have a dog kennel made out of poly ethylene?  Or a water dish? A calfateria?  Yes –  they make tanks and troughs and poly pipe and poly pegs and things for chook food and water, bins, garden edging, pools, tool boxes and wheel chocks? AMAZING!!!!!


We also get a newspaper free each month and it’s basically a catalogue for aeroplanes and all things pertaining to.  Lincott Linen have a catalogue full of work clothes, boots, coats, blankets, sheets, mattress covers, socks and singlets.  I buy our mattress covers there still and Greg’s special woolen socks. We’ve got an old windmill catalogue too.  They are all there to tempt us and then there’s the internet – the window to the world.


 Sunset at Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia

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