Mustering at Kilcowera 2009

May 12, 2009

Ang in the cattle yard at Kilcowera Station - Outback Queensland
Ang in the cattle yard at Kilcowera Station – Outback Queensland


Well the last month has been sooo busy.  Our 2 girls came home for a week with their boyfriends to help with the mustering, also had 2 other men come to do the job and Greg and me. 

Katherine the eldest girl and her friend Brad flew over from Perth to Brisbane and drove out with Angela and her bloke, Glen.  Both really nice guys and useful!!!!! And we all got along like a river in flood.  

Of course there had been much baking of biscuits and slices and muffins beforehand and these were frozen so I didn’t have to do so much during the muster.  The freezer is nearly empty now but I really don’t care, I feel that I could live on cereal and 2 minute noodles for a fortnight after all the cooking I have done. 

 I tell the world “THE BREAKFAST FAIRY HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!!!!”  Coming up with a nice brekky at 5 every morning for 3 weeks is a pain in the a#*e.  One good thing is they all cut their own lunch at breakfast time, so I didn’t have to cook a lunch every day too.  But keeping the cold meat up to them was a bit of a challenge as I was operating from a freezer that was seriously depleted of meat! And still is. 

We also had a few tourists through and had to do a camp oven dinner one night and a BBQ another.  I flew about 50 hours mustering and enjoyed that immensely. The weather was perfect. The little Skyfox Gazelle performed faultlessly.  It does need an oil change badly, I thought that I had oil for it but there wasn’t enough and I could not get what I needed locally.  Hopefully I will get some on the mail this week.

About to yard the cattle at Kilcowera Station - Outback Australia 

Peter and Jimmy, the main musterers had 18 dogs between them and the chorus that would start up when they left for the days mustering was deafening.  The dogs that were left behind would howl and bark until about 10 o’clock, then all lie around in the sun and sleep until disturbed then they would just start up again. I am so happy to see the back of that pack of dishlickers. 

When we finished mustering Kilcowera we trucked about 160 cattle away on 4 decks (2 trailers).  Our truck driver comes from Cunnamulla and has been carting our cattle for years.  Same when we finished at Zenonie, another 4 decks gone.  Greg reckons if we don’t get some rain over winter we will have to sell a lot more as the country is soooo dry there will be nothing left for the cattle to live on.  It will be very sad if we have to sell our cows as they know their way around here and where to get a feed usually.

Truck driver checking the cattle aren't loaded to tightly or too loosely at Kilcowera Station 

All finished for the time being, so it’s time to catch up on other jobs around the place like doing my blog and office work, gardening, watering and Greg back on his dozer and fencing and fixing the bore that has mysteriously broken down.  Anyone want to buy 30 old cows and their calves?

Katherine and Angela in the cattle yard at Kilcowera Station - Queensland Cattle Station

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