Miss Lucy – newest resident at Kilcowera

September 2, 2009

Miss Lucy our little Australian Silky Terrier
Miss Lucy our little Australian Silky Terrier

A busy August at Kilcowera.


It started cold but gradually warmed up until we were in shorts and t shirts, eating salads and warning the visitors to keep an eye out for snakes.  We’ve had several changes in the weather that promised a slight chance of rain but it didn’t happen, so the drought continues for us.  A large chunk of south west Qld is still drought declared and we have been constantly advising would be visitors that it is dry here still.  They all seem to think that, as the channel country rivers ran earlier this year the drought is over.  All we have had here are dust storms and a measly 26 ml of rain this year. 

With the unappealing threat of a long, hot, dry summer ahead of us again, Greg has been repairing stock waters around the place.  One tank and trough had not been used for about 5 years and we have refurbished it so it holds water again.  A windmill broke down some months ago and it too is being fixed, he thought it was a write off but the problem is not as bad as first thought, thank goodness. 

We have had quite a lot of visitors throughout the winter, mainly birdwatchers and campers also a few fly in people. One bloke was flyiyng a little Cessna 150 to Thailand and he stayed here on his way there and back.  Brave man!!!!  Many of our guests were on their way to Lake Eyre to see the spectacle.  It must have been pretty busy out there over the winter months. 

Both Greg and myself had a little trip away for shopping purposes – his purchases were mainly for water improvements, he’s got pumps, pipes, fittings, compressors, motors and all manner of things in an endeavour to make our stock waters more dependable and not so reliant on wind. 

I had a week away mainly to visit a daughter and to see her graduate from Uni.  I was soo happy for her that she passed as she has worked so hard to get through Uni and hold down a job as well.  The other big job on my agenda was to come home with a puppy as my little Chihuahua died last year and it has been a lonely existence without a little companion.  Someone to talk to. 

So Lucy has joined the family, she is an Australian Silky Terrier and what a bundle of energy!  She loves our visitors and is getting more confident and cheeky as every day goes by. She is also the scruffiest little animal that I have ever seen and it is nearly impossible to groom her as  she just wants to play all the time and won’t stay still.  She has been a bit crook today and looks very pathetic.

Our favourite backpackers - Joe and George



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