Cattle to go under the hammer 9th December.

November 30, 2009

The musterers at Kilcowera Station, Outback Queensland.

Cattle in the yard at Kilcowera Station.


We have had some rain in the last 2 months but all after we sent our cattle away and it wasn’t enough to promote sufficient pasture growth to bring them back here.  So next week they will be auctioned off at the Moree Saleyards.  I hope someone is willing to pay reasonable money for them.  The Drover has been asked to have them all back at the Moree yards on the evening of the 7 th so we can sort them out on the 8 th.  They should look a bit different than when they left here anyway. 

We have a local man coming to mind the place for a week so we can go and see the demise of our herd…….hmm maybe I won’t go to the auction, Greg can just tell me about it.  Then I am going to see my Mom in Brisbane, then we go to Toowoomba for some shopping then home.  We are going to have to leave Lucy behind as we will have to stay in Motels.  I do like to get away but I worry about the dog and the gardens and whether the caretaker is keeping the doors shut to keep the snakes out, so we won’t be away long.  Will let you all know how the cattle sell after we get back.  Cheers, Toni

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