24th December @ Kilcowera

December 24, 2009

Auctioneers selling the Kilcowera cattle at Moree Saleyards
Auctioneers selling the Kilcowera cattle at Moree Saleyards

 Well our cattle sold at the Moree Saleyards on the 10th ( all but 4,  that nobody wanted ), we did not get good money for them nor did we expect to.  That’s Beetle in the shorts in the photo, he was the agent commissioned to sell them.  I also met Frog and Puss!   At the time Moree was very dry and the graziers and farmers had mostly run out of water.  We did pick out 50 or so cows and sent them to a friends place on agistment so we still own a few.

Animated buyers at the sale.

Came home to a dust storm and 1 broken down water.  But the caretaker had done a great job, the garden was better than when I left and all dogs in fine form too.  Lucy was pleased to see us.  We had 11 very surprising mls of rain a week ago and that has greened the place up a bit and put some water in a few swamps.

Miss Lucy, our little Australian Silky Terrier.

The weather bureau has been predicting rain for a large part of western NSW and QLD for the last week and our local radio station is really ramping things up today.  Not a drop of rain has fallen anywhere ,yet they are putting out flood warnings for all the rivers in the district!  May be they are getting in early cause we have Xmas, Boxing day and the weekend coming up?  Oh and probably a public holiday on Monday and maybe even Tuesday?  Not sure about that.  Well it is cloudy and the wind is right, but the unbeliever here still has all sprinklers going, not sitting around waiting for rain to water my garden.

Well a Happy, safe and peaceful Christmas to all and please God may it be a wet one for us too.  Cheers me

Christmas at Kilcowera Station, South West QLD

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