That's the Flood truck in the middle of the picture right near the Bulloo River
That’s the Flood truck in the middle of the picture right near the Bulloo River


We have not had a mail at Kilcowera since just after Christmas and I had a heap of mail to go too as, I have been selling some stuff on ebay.  Also our fruit and vegetable supply was running low.  Ran out of salad stuff 10 days ago but I did find a little cabbage lurking in a corner of the coldroom so we have been eating a fair bit of coleslaw and tinned vegetables.  Still had an ample supply of potatoes, onions, pumpkin and the other necessities of life (beer and wine)! 

So off to town we went and the drive in was delightful – so green and swamps full of water, birds everywhere but no stock to be seen as nearly everyone has either sold their animals or have them on agistment. 

Greg and Lucy sitting in car as it is being transported across the Bulloo River

The Bulloo river has been flooding since the first of January and the Council uses a flood truck to ferry people, supplies and cars across the river until it gets to 1 metre over the bridge then they have to start using a boat.  Greg drove the Station Wagon onto the back of the truck and off we went through about half a kilometre of flood water.  It’s a very good service and we are lucky to have it.  I don’t think many other towns do such a thing.  It allows you to drive around town and get your supplies without double handling everything as it all gets transported back over the river in your own car.  Even though it does cost $40 for a round trip, it used to be free.

The flood waters of the Bulloo.

The townspeople often put their cars over the river when they know there is a flood coming.  They can still get away easily if they have their car on the Brisbane side of the flood.  A good few years ago we  wanted  to truck cattle out to a sale, the truck driver arrived at the turnoff onto our road at about 10 o’clock at night and there were about 40 cars and trucks parked haphazardly on the eastern side of the river. He (and we) were very lucky that he was able to skilfully weave his roadtrain through the parked vehicles and continue on his way.

Just a few trucks and cars parked on the Brisbane / Toowoomba side of the river this time

It appears there is a loophole in the mail contractors’ contract which says that the mail is not to be carried over floodwaters unless they have Marine Insurance and that’s why we haven’t had a mail delivery for some time.  Evidently the Council used to pay for this insurance but doesn’t anymore.  Been very little mail in or out of town during this flood. We were told a couple of deliveries had been flown in but that is very unusual.  The mail people are not very popular at the moment as they continue bringing freight in and out of the town but not the mail.

Some very happy Coolibah trees in the Bulloo River

We had a very big storm go past Kilcowera a week or so ago and it knocked out a transformer on a neighbours electricity supply. He had no back up generator to supply his own power which is really stupid and like living in the dim dark ages.  Anyway Ergon Energy had to fly one in for him in 2 helicopters.  He would have been a happy man – visitors!  It was the only way anyone would have been visiting during that wet period.

Box Creek way out of it's banks
Box Creek way out of it’s banks, between the quarters and the house.

 Well I got my wish!  It started raining early on Christmas morning and rained all day till about 4 o’clock!!!!  It was the bestest Christmas for a long time.  We ended up with 97 mls.  Kilcowera creek ran all over the place and the Box creek did too, so we had water every where, even a big flood through the campground at the quarters.  The lagoon is full and every other swamp that we have been able to get to is also full, some of them have not had water in them this decade. 

Floodwaters near the house at Kilcowera

We have not been able to get out to our Lake paddock much yet so we don’t know if all those creeks ran ( 2 did  and took a couple of hundred metres of boundary fence with them ).  At this stage we don’t know how much water went into Lake Wyara.  It was bone dry so it will take a lot of water to fill it.  

The birds are back and it looks like a lot of them are going to nest here, you can see some flying around with sticks and bits of wool in their beaks and parrots and budgerigars in and out of hollows in the trees.

A big swamp at the end of the airstrip

Then we had another 16 mls at the house on the 31st with storms to the north and west, much more rain than the 16 we measured.  The creeks are up again and we can’t go far at all unless it’s on foot or motorbike on the road.  I might be able to get across Box creek tomorrow on the 4 wheeler to see if the campground was flooded again and check out the lagoon.

Mulga Parrots enjoying "the big wet" at Kilcowera Station  outback Queensland

The country has responded so quickly to the rain and the grass and herbage is looking fantastic.  We haven’t had good summer rain since about 1996.  A person forgets how beautiful the place can be. I just hope that it keeps up and we get some more rain soon, being wet is a good problem to have.  Oh and I haven’t put a sprinkler on since December 24.  What a break from watering!

Road between house and Quarters at Kilcowera Station SW Queensland