Easter and beyond at Kilcowera Station

April 29, 2010

Kilcowera Station Homestead
Kilcowera Station Homestead in Outback Queensland

We have had a quick trip to Brisbane to buy a mini bus and decided on a Toyota Hiace Commuter, to ferry our guests around in.  Also visited my Mum who lives in Brisbane.  She was getting ready to drive out to Dajarra to visit her husband who runs the roadhouse there.   He has just gotten a liquor license for the place and so Mother was buying lots of cheap grog and things for his new bar and loading her car up.  She also had 2 glass display cabinets belted up in the back seat, assorted groceries and fruit and vegetables. 

We had asked our dear old friend, Beryl, the VISE lady, if she would like to come out for a visit once more and she agreed in about 2 minutes.  So we picked her up in Toowoomba, loaded the bus up with all manner of supplies and drove home via Quilpie where the youngest daughter lives. 

We then had a very busy week getting the quarters and campground all gussied up for the guests we were having over the Easter weekend. They were mostly Angela’s army friends and some work colleagues and a few tourists as well. 

Waterfall at Kilcowera Station Outback Queensland

We went swimming, yabbying, bbqing, touring, lazing around Cardenyabba Lagoon cooking dampers and eating too much. We had the odd little tipple too.  So Easter was good but went so fast.  Everyone dispersed back to where they came from, Beryl flew back to her place after a week and a half here and a day or 2 after that she was going to Townsville for a nieces’ wedding.  Such energy for an 80 something year old! 

Since then we have had a few visitors, mostly flying in.  It seems the general populace are avoiding the previously flooded areas of the SW for some reason as all the tourist operators out this way are saying visitor numbers are down. 

Going to be doing a little mustering this weekend so will have some more images of Lake Wyara to put on here soon.  I’ll take Angela up with me and she can attend to the photo side of things and for once I’ll just fly the plane.  She’s got a better camera than me too!

Some of the Hereford cattle we mustered up after Easter at Kilcowera Station

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