Flying over Lake Wyara and Kilcowera Station

April 29, 2010


Taken from a Skyfox Gazelle
Kihee Creek running into Lake Wyara in South West Queensland


 Angela and I went for a fly on Anzac weekend after we did our little bit of mustering and she took about 400 photos.  She used her new Canon EOS 500 and my Panasonic DMC FZ50 which has a better Zoom lens than hers does.  At this stage.

Lake Wyara taken from the south, Kilcowera Station SW Queensland.

Lake Wyara  is a wetland of international significance and is part of Currawinya NP.  The wetlands on Currawinya are RAMSAR listed.

Lake Wyara in the foregrund and Lake Numalla in the background.

We were flying around in my little Skyfox Gazelle, it’s terrific for photography as you can have the doors open.  It was pretty cold though, Ang had the cameras firmly wrapped around her neck.

Pelican Rookery on Lake Wyara the eastern boundary of Kilcowera Station in Outback Australia.

And yes the Pelicans are back again.  They had a successful breeding event in 2008 but this year will be even better as they are isolated on islands.

Thousands of Pelicans are calling Lake Wyara home for the next few months as they bring up their chicks.

Pelican Rookery on Lake Wyara, the eastern boundary of Kilcowera Station Outback Queensland.

 Pelican Rookery on Lake Wyara, the eastern boundary of Kilcowera Station.

The lake is not full but it  has the most water in it for over a decade, lets hope we get more rain to fill it up.  Well not for a while or the pelicans islands will go under.

4 Responses to “Flying over Lake Wyara and Kilcowera Station”

  1. chris said

    I often check your blog to keep up to speed with how y’all getting on. Re the pelicans…do you they feed on L Wyara or only on the freshwater lake?
    Chris Armstrong
    Warwick QLD

    • zenonie said

      Hi Chris, in 2008 they were flying over to the Paroo to fish and then coming back to feed the young ones. A person would have to spend a fair bit of time at Numalla to work out if they fish there at all. Over the years we have worked out that the bird life is far more prolific on Wyara than Numalla. Thanks for looking at my little blog! Cheers Toni

  2. zenonie said

    Hi, the local councils have closed some roads I’m thinking it is easier to close the road than to fix it. For instance Bourke to Hungerford was still closed a couple of days ago, even though all the locals are still cruising up and down it as is the mail. The roads I have been on a a bit rough in places you just have to drive to the conditions. Cheers zenonie

  3. zenonie said

    Reblogged this on Kilcowera Station – Life on an outback Queensland Cattle Station and commented:

    Was looking through old posts on my blog ( instead of writing new ones! ) And I thought wouldn’t it be nice if Lake Wyara looked like this again instead of the massive dry expanse that it is at the moment!

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