Kilcowera Station has been humming today.

June 16, 2010

A lagoon on Kilcowera Station, Outback Queensland
A lagoon on Kilcowera Station, Outback Queensland

We’ve been quite busy here for the last few weeks, had a delightful young couple here for a month to help with some general station maintenance.  She was french and he an australian, they had a month to fill in before they flew to India where his mother owns a hotel, so they decided to see a bit of the outback.  They did all manner of things including cleaning grids out, mustering and branding cattle, helping with our visitors, gardening and cooking.  Our french – english has improved somewhat, her english certainly did. 

We have been able to buy in 2 mobs of cows since my last post and the latest lot is in the cattle yard at Zenonie right now.  These ones are all Herefords but the first lot was a mixture of breeds. 

I took a nice South African couple on a tour of the place a few days ago and was able to show them the pelicans nesting on the island at the southern end of Lake Wyara and the many more thousands of birds also nesting right along the southern shoreline as well.  There are plenty of other water birds on the lake and also on Benanga creek.  We had a fantastic look at 8 Bourke’s Parrots at Murderer’s Bore.   A stroll through the grass flushed out quail and the chestnut breasted quail thrush. Some other guys claim to have seen the cinnamon quail thrush as well. 

On one of the last stops for the day we went into Rustlers Roost and I spied an unusual looking vine growing between the rocks.  Closer inspection proved it to be Hardenbergia violaceae or Sarsaparilla vine, a rare plant, last seen here 15 or 20 years ago.  We also have the beautiful Carpet of Snow flowering at the moment (Stachhousiaceae  Macgregoria racemigera )  Cop that mouthful!

Carpet of Snow or Stackhousiaceae growing on the margins of a swamp at Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.

Carpet of Snow or Stackhousiaceae growing on the margins of a swamp at Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.
Our new second hand bus gets its’ first major run next Sunday when we have 11 people flying into Thargomindah for us to pick up, show them around town, have lunch, bring them to Kilcowera and give them a bit of a look around here.  Then the evening meal and tip them into bed for the night.  A cooked breakfast, back to town and onto their plane for the next leg of their journey.  The tour operator is Young at Heart and they do tours through out the world.  Going to be busy, our daughter and her boyfriend are coming down from Quilpie to help over the weekend.  Bless her little cotton socks. 

The local council has been working on our road in the last few weeks and it is in pretty good condition in most places.

A typical outback road.  Just joking.  Really. 

A typical outback road. Just joking. Really.

What a morning!!!  Decided to do some baking (biscuits, cakes etc) so I’m listening to talk back radio and cooking when a largish red helicopter starts  buzzing around the place and then goes.  Many hours later this English sounding lady rings up and asks if they can land near a big swamp to the north of us and camp the night.  Whatever makes them happy I suppose.  Then a truck arrives driven by an old gent of about 90 bringing some fencing material for us.  Greg and a friend unload that and old Mac goes back to Hungerford. 

  Then a bloke rings up from Sydney wanting some info on Pelicans in the area.  He wants to do a wildlife documentary and has heard there are pelicans, there aren’t pelicans, they’re breeding, they’re not breeding. I said there’s about 15,000 of them on Lake Wyara and I didn’t think they were out there swapping comics.  Often these overtures come to nothing so we don’t get too excited about them anymore.  Not until you see the whites of their eyes.  

We had another one last week wanting to film a commercial on a clay pan. 

Even though I obligingly went out and took photos of a claypan and sent them to her I have heard nothing back.  And lastly a visit from a never before seen black goanna on my front veranda which had Lucy in a total frenzy.

Black goanna at Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.

He’s old mate, cute isn’t he?

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