Birds of the Australian Outback

July 22, 2010

Major Mitchells Cockatoo at Kilcowera Station
Major Mitchells Cockatoo at Kilcowera Station

We have been pretty busy this year with our visitors and amongst them we have had a lot of photographers.  One of these was Nevil Lazarus who did an outback trip with a couple of other blokes and I believe they had a ball.  They were certainly a happy crew with a job for everone – there was the navigator, the cook and the bloke who wandered around with the camera.

Cinnamon Quail Thrush at Kilcowera Station

This Cinnamon Quail Thrush was spotted on the way to our Lake Paddock.

Budgerigars nesting at Kilcowera Station

The budgerigars have been nesting here since early December – Talk about populating the west!

Hobby Falcon at  Kilcowera Station

Nevil was lucky enough to get a whole sequence of images of this bird having it’s little snack – right down to the last leg going down the hatch.  The Hobbies have a nest right near our Shearers Quarters accommodation and campground.

Great-crested Grebes at Kilcowera Station

These Great Crested Grebes are just gorgeous!  This was taken in Benanga Creek which is one of the creeks that start on Kilcowera and  fill Lake Wyara.  Access to Lake Wyara is only to be had from Kilcowera as the roads to the lakes are closed on Currawinya NP at this time 22/7/2010.

Plumed Whistling Duck  at Kilcowera Station

Cardenyabba Lagoon looks spectacular again and is home to stacks of these Plumed Whistling Ducks, lots of Shags, Darters, Cormorants and Pelicans to name just a few.  Visitors are able to bush camp right on the side of the lagoon and witness all these birds doing their thing.  And that seems to be eating all the yabbies and fish in the lagoon!  This stunning Red Backed Kingfisher is another resident around the lagoon. Isn’t he a dork?

Red-backed  Kingfisher at Kilcowera Station

Red-backed Kingfisher at Kilcowera Station

This Red Browed Pardalote was found in our Kimberly Paddock in amongst the Mulga.

Red-browed Pardalote at Kilcowera Station

And after a hard day traipsing around the bush they did sit back with a few nibblies, a beverage and a pretty good view to go with it.

Outback trip - May June 2010 Kilcowera Station

And there are always a few sticky beaks to keep an eye on the goings on in the bush.

White-breasted Woodswallows at Kilcowera Station

I can but admire these great photos and wish that I had the knowledge, the eye and the equipment that this man has and thank him very much for allowing me to use them on my blog.  All of these images were taken by Nevil Lazarus.  Now I’ll scuttle away with my panasonic, put it away and stick to the binoculars I think!  Cheers Zenonie

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