Goat mustering, trucking cattle, visitors everywhere and new horses.

May 8, 2011

Youngest daughter Angela with a friend at Kilcowera Station
Youngest daughter Angela with a friend at Kilcowera Station

Well Easter has come and gone and was a great week with lots of campers, family and friends around the place.  We had so much food in the coldroom it was difficult finding just what I wanted at times.  One of our campers kept us in yabbies for entrees on two nights, he also had a couple of kayaks which everyone had a go in.  They are just the shot for sneaking up on water birds!

We finished our cattle mustering just before easter and then had a contractor come in and muster some goats off the place, that was very exciting –  seeing how a professional handled the job.  With two choppers, two trucks  and lots of men and women.  We  have some further cattle work to do in late June, when  the cows have finished calving.

Also just had a party fly in and stay overnight in a beautiful helicopter.  What a nice machine, gets along at 130 knots – I think it is a Eurocopter.  We had roast beef and veg done in the camp ovens and copious quantities of red wine to stave off the evening’s chill.

The 5 seat Eurocopter Squirell at Kilcowera Staton in Queenslands Outback

We have been having a mouse plague all through the west and Kilcowera has it’s share as well.  I have been catching 50 or 60 in traps every night, but numbers seem to be steadiying up, down to about 15 a night now.  The two terriers are dam good mousers and enjoy the thrill of the chase!  Maisie has become quite demented about the mice, like she has a one track mind.   MOUSEMOUSEMOUSEMOUSEMOUSE!  It’s also a new topic of conversation for our campers, trading mouse yarns!

Greg eventually got his truck back from the garage in Thargomindah, where it has been for the last 8 months, waiting for parts that had to come from Japan.  Talk about a slow boat from Japan.  The truck also suffered a mishap while being worked on and subsequently the garage owners had to procure a new second hand door for it and that, too, took months to arrive.  Anyway when he got it back it’s first job was to go back to town to  bring home two horses that we have recently bought.

Thargomindah has a yearly Stockmans Challenge and as part of the show they put on an auction of, mainly, stock horses.  We bought two nice quiet ones to start mustering on again instead of using bikes all of the time.  There is so much vegetation covering up all the other things lying on the ground that it is exceedingly dangerous riding a bike around.  At least the horses can help by looking where they are putting their feet, leaving us to look for the cattle.  More on horses next post.  Some photos too.  Cheers Toni 

My Mum arriving at Thargomindah - she's finally made it to the internet!!!My Mum arriving at Thargomindah - she's finally made it to the internet!!!

My Mum in the red shirt arriving at Thargomindah – she’s finally made it to the internet!!!

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