March 23, 2012

Greg and Ange at Kilcowera, Outback Queensland

Greg and Ange at Kilcowera, Outback Queensland


As we are about to get into the tourist season again after a long, hot and wet summer we are in need of a couple of volunteers to come and give us a hand.  In exchange for your time we would provide accommodation, meals, show you around and give you an insiders’ look at Kilcowera, the stock, birds, landscapes and general workings of the property.  The duration of your visit could be up to a month depending on circumstances, starting in the next couple of weeks. Jobs would include, gardening, mowing, cleaning, general maintenance and a miriad of little things to get the place up to speed for visitors,   If your interested please give me a bell.

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  1. Catriona kiernan said

    Hey how are you? I was wondering about visiting your farm! As I am from a big farming background in Ireland my parents are coming to Australia to visit! My dad is so excited in seein a true big Aussie farm and see how different it is from home! If you could give me any information about visiting and getting the true aussie farming experience!it would be a great help or any ideas I could bring them
    Kind regards

  2. did you get helpers?

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