Roadworks on The Dowling Track

June 4, 2012


The very long and treacherous Jerry Jerroo crossing.  There were some deep holes in there!

This year is speeding by so fast I can’t believe it.  So much has been happening around our area, I’ll start with our road, The Dowling Track.  The Bulloo Shire received lots of government money to fix flood damaged roads and ours was one of them.  Contractors have been working on it for about 9 months now.  The bit we were all busting to see fixed was the Jerry Jerroo creek crossing.  Well fair dinkum those blokes would get just so much done on the job and then go off for two weeks break. They would park all their machinery up on the side of the road for two weeks and one time I made a big sign and stuck it to the front of one of the graders, it said “ For Sale!!”  It would rain again and fill the road and crossing up with water, mud and silt once more so they couldn’t work on it.

Stock trucks, council vehicles, tourists and locals were ploughing their way through it making the holes deeper and deeper. The contractors bogged graders, front end loaders, excavators and their own trucks trying to get the water off the road.  The council would close the road but that makes no difference really, cause they don’t tell us, they just trot out and put a sign up near town saying road closed.  All it does is stop tourists and gives the mail person the perfect excuse not to deliver our mail.  They had the road ready 3 times to lay the bitumen, but they went away for their break instead of doing the job and it rained and stuffed the job up again.  BUT third time lucky – the crossing is at last finished – beautiful bitumen laid right across the 2 channels of the creek!  Hope it doesn’t wash away next time the creek runs!


The newly completed crossing.  It was a difficult job right to the end as the truck delivering the screenings broke down and it was also found that even though the prepared road surface looked fine there was still one very wet patch fair in the middle of the road..

5 Responses to “Roadworks on The Dowling Track”

  1. what a marvellous road it is The Dowling track :o)

  2. Bill Kruize said

    Well hi there.
    We have just completed the trip from Townsville to Birdsville via Bulia and Bedoury.Then we comenced on to Quilpy and then the Dowling Track to Bourke and onwards to Sydney.
    All that I have to say is that the work force that maintain the roads should be congratulated for the work that they are doing and have done for allthough there were some rough areas (which we were expecting) it was nothing that could not be traversed with care.
    I have seen how these so called greenies traversed the deserts and they should be ashamed of them self for the way they treat the roads and wild areas.

    They should all go back to their cities and watch 4 wheel driving on the TV for they are total idiots who seem to think that to go through an obstacle all you need is power and then leave a destoyed road for others..

    I have seen them chop up the desert for no dam reason and it just shows that for a brain they have a vacuum.

    I congratulate all workers who keep our roads open for our use.

    well done

  3. Georgie Fraser said

    We dream of seeing contractors on our road! 6 flat tyres, 3 e-mails and 1 phone call later I have finally got the attention of the Bulloo Shire Council. The ‘Bulloo River Track’ is a nightmare

    • zenonie said

      HHMmmmm Georgie, it seems that whatever road we are talking aobut in the shire it’s going to be bad at some stage. Ours was good for a while and it now is deteriorating badly, especially in the places where the contractors put in all this white gravelly stuff and rolled it in to make a super hard surface. It was fantastic when they first did it, but now all the binding soil has gone and we are left with all these extremely sharp rocks sticking out everywhere. It’s bad enough for us, with our big expensive 4WD tyres for the bush, but the tourists really suffer as they usually run softer tyres more made for the bitumen. Keep at it, you and yours will get things moving eventually! Have u checked out Kilcowera’s FB page? Cheers Toni PS If ever any of you guys would like somewhere to go for a drive for the day, your more than welcome to come and visit any time, we would love to meet you!

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