Activity down below- you would be surprised!

January 7, 2013


Kilcowera airstrip in Calenso Paddock

Recently, I was on our newest airstrip, the one above, walking up and down the sides poisoning the small mulga trees that were, and are, attempting to take it over again, when thousands of feet above a jet whizzed by.  It got me thinking, all those people up there drinking scotch, coffee, a beer, reading, eating, watching movies, chatting, keeping their kids happy, admiring the flight attendants – does the thought ever cross their minds that down in all that emptiness beneath them, lives are being lived, jobs being done, life and death issues are being dealt with in the small towns and on the stations, that people are earning a living down there in all that nothingness.

I love the fact that Kilcowera is open for visitors so they can see firsthand what it is like to live and work in our fairly harsh environment.  But these visitors usually have some idea about life in the bush already, they have travelled all over Australia looking at, out of the way spots such as ourselves and they keep searching out more places off the beaten track to go to.  The majority of Australians live on the coastal strip and never drive over the big hill and I reckon it ‘s these ones who would be surprised at  how much is going on beneath them as they wing their way over the continent.  Lucky ducks!

Kilcowera airstrip

Just in the last month in my area we have had major bushfires with many spotter planes and water bombers in the sky, the Royal Flying Doctor has been called in to airlift an injured volunteer firefighter ( a young girl ) to Charleville hospital and 2 vehicles have been destroyed in the blazes. Many people spent Christmas day and New years day and all days in between, out in the heat, day and night, 24 hours non stop, trying to stop the fires.

Other people are on the ground on motorbikes and horseback mustering sheep, cattle and goats, the road trains are driving back and forth with their loads of stock or freight for the towns and stations.  There are also hundreds of oil workers in the outback at any given time.

The kids are back on holidays from their boarding schools or hostels, they are on their ponies, or motor bikes or driving around in something on the place, cause all station, and most town kids can drive by the time they are 6 or 7.  And these kids are out helping Mum and Dad with the fencing, mustering, checking the waters, climbing and oiling the windmills, cleaning out troughs and wells, changing tyres and working on the cars and machinery.  There’s always plenty to do.

Spare a thought for all the people down below toiling in their gardens just to make a little oasis in the outback for themselves and their family and all the other inhabitants of the Outback – there is plenty going on down there!  Happy New Year!!

Our house at Kilcowera Station

7 Responses to “Activity down below- you would be surprised!”

  1. Simon said

    Yes Happy new year to Kilcowera. Not sure if you received our emails. Anyway, let us know if you did/did not. Dave and I are sitting back with little to do, and now have a landcruiser ute which would have been ideal to help you spray, and put a water tank on..just in case. etc. BTW that motor cycle group has organised something else for easter.

  2. zenonie said

    Hi Simon, we did get that email, sorry for not getting back to you! I asked Greg about the m/cycle riders and he said he’d have a think about it! And that’s as far as it went.
    So a happy New Year to you 2 as well, we see a bit of what Dave is up to via FB. And thanks for the lovely and totally unexpected Chrissie present. Regards Toni and Greg.

  3. Simon said

    Welcome! let me know if you need workers and/or fire protection..happy to come up as always and lend a hand 100%. Ps. we would like to come up over easter.. as an entire family so let us know. :o). re motor cycles.. there’s quite a bit of OH&S stuff to deal with and it can be a pain, so Greg is quite right to be concerned and thoughtful.

  4. onelittlecattledog said

    Hello from Longview, Alberta, Canada! I hope you get some rain!! It is -8 Celsius here, and we are chopping holes in the ice for our cows and bulls!

  5. Simon said

    Thanks Kilcowera! :o).

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