Whatever happened to the Sunday drive?

June 2, 2013

The Sunday drive.

The Sunday drive.

I remember my parents packing the car Sunday morning with picnic baskets, the thermos, rugs, toys, books, fishing hand lines , pieces of meat and string for yabbying and off we would go to Southport or Surfers or Burleigh heads for the day.  Other times we might head off to Beaudesert or Maleny, Lamington National Park or up the range to Toowoomba, all just for a Sunday drive.  It was cheap, fun and had all the family out doing things together and enjoying each other’s company.

We don’t really do Sundays at Kilcowera anymore, as there is not much point to it now there’s just Greg and me there mostly.  Hmm, what makes Sunday, Sunday for us now?  They play good music on the radio in the morning and Landline is on at lunchtime. 

But back to the Sunday drive, wow, most people have a pretty good car now, the roads are great, there are stacks of little towns with plenty to do and see and if you’re lacking in imagination there are stacks of TV programmes about this very subject.  The Visitor information centres are a wonderful resource  to find out what is going on in your area.

Even out where I live it’s possible to go for a Sunday drive and find something unusual, interesting and just a little bit different to what is on my back doorstep.

I remember too,  when I was little, we would arrive back home, us kids would be asleep on the back seat, but wake up to help with the unpacking, have a bath, probably all together ( not the parents! ), then have cheese and tomato on toast for tea, a cup of Milo and into bed, totally exhausted.  What a great way to spend the day!

One Response to “Whatever happened to the Sunday drive?”

  1. Simon said

    Yes. I am about to do a Sunday drive.. to South Kirribee Station! And to visit Aunty Joyce Crothers in Bourke. Seriously, like yuo I recall our Sunday drives very well. Say hello to Greg.

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