The thriving town of Thargomindah on the Bulloo River.

September 25, 2013

The new VIC, Library, coference centre and Coffee Shop in Thargomindah

The new VIC, Library, conference center and Coffee Shop in Thargomindah

Thargo just never seems to look back, its workforce works mainly for the local council or one other entrepreneurial business in town and it’s a little town that just keeps growing and growing in both size and population.

The streets get bigger, the footpaths get wider, more and more lovely little houses get built, there are 2 caravan parks, a pub, a motel and restaurant, the community centre, a Toyota dealership, a roadhouse and lots of other businesses.

The new Administation building is taking shape in Thargomindah

The new Administation building is taking shape in Thargomindah


And now the Bulloo Shire is building a new Administration building and has just recently completed the new visitor information centre, library and coffee shop.  Another 25 blocks of land are also to be developed and put up for public tender in the near future.

Coffee shop for Thargo

Coffee shop for Thargo

It is an interesting town where visitors can see lots of dogs, horses, some nice old buildings, a demonstration at the older town bore, have a great coffee at the new shop OR one of the best burgers you’ll ever eat at Fergies Roadhouse!  The locals are generally friendly and helpful, showing typical outback hospitality to nice visitors.

A great feature of the town is also the colourful display of flowers in the middle of the streets and around some of the buildings.

The visitor info centre has plenty of comfy chairs!

The visitor info centre has plenty of comfy chairs!

The VIC is a bit light on for info still but I was told they are waiting for some more shelving to arrive so as to put more stuff out.  A little observation from me, the girls at this new center were lovely and obliging but they all would look soo much better in some sort of uniform! NOT cut off jeans, T shirts and thongs.  Just a bit smarter to reflect their surroundings.


6 Responses to “The thriving town of Thargomindah on the Bulloo River.”

  1. Terry Thorpe said

    Just a thought about uniforms ,the people at the visitor center in Karatha WA ,have a realy good one,regards Terry

  2. Miss Pip said

    Glad to see outback QLD investing in tourist info centre. Tourism definetly a catalyst for economic development.

  3. Gerda Glasson said

    Council has there own polo shirts and C O D has shirts with theire emblem on it aswel as an apron. Aprons haven’t been worn cus it looks like your wearing nothing if you have shorts on underneath. And the shorts are denim shorts not cut off jeans. Agreed, thongs should not be worn!!
    It’s ashamed to hear because we were so proud of our shirts when we got them. ATM we only have two sizes so if someone works that has a different size, unfortunately they have to wear their own shirt!
    Anyway, it’s not all in the looks!! I hope everyone is enjoying their cuppa at coffee on Dowling!
    Gerda Glasson, Coffee on Dowling.

    • zenonie said

      We’ve had lots of visitors here at Kilcowera who are saying they loved your coffee shop, so keep up the good work, it’s a great asset for Thargo and not just for the locals. Presentation of staff is super important, promotes pride in the whole show, look how nice the staff look in the council office when they uniform up and put some nice shoes on. I realise that’s an office environment. Cheers Toni

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