Would you like to come and help us out for a couple of weeks???

March 2, 2014

Volunteers at Kilcowera Station

Volunteers at Kilcowera Station

Goodness me the first 2 months of this year have gone already!  We are supposed to be open for business for visitors now and the place is in dire needs of some tidying up.  Not only is it visitor time, it’s also mustering time!

We would like to offer a free powered camp spot or unpowered at the lagoon for a handy couple who would like to come and give us a hand working alongside us and having some meals with us as well.

You would also be involved with the general running of the station, helping out where needed depending upon your abilities.

We need help with such things as gardening, mowing, cleaning, signwriting, erecting signs, cooking and maybe some fencing and cattle yard work.  Also helping out on the water runs and maybe chatting to our guests as well as collecting firewood.

Arrival anytime in the next week or two would be great.  Toni and Greg


One Response to “Would you like to come and help us out for a couple of weeks???”

  1. Tempting, but no holidays for me presently, but would love to get out there this year…

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