Don’t always trust your GPS folks!

July 20, 2014

Our local area.

Our local area.

I hope that lots of our potential visitors have a look at this blog, cause it could save them a bit of grief!  See that little track that appears to come up to Kilcowera from the south? Well – I’ll let you in on a little secret – it doesnt exist anymore!  It’s actually on a neighbours place, is a private road and only leads to a windmill.  It is also literally clearly marked with signs as being a private road with no access to anybody.

So there you have it – the ONLY way into Kilcowera is the access road in from the west!

5 Responses to “Don’t always trust your GPS folks!”

  1. Westprint said

    Hi Zenonie,

    Westprint only found out that there was no southern road when we visited Kilcowera about a month ago. Unfortunately it will take some years before paper maps can be changed but they will eventually be changed.



    • zenonie said

      Thanks John, yes the wheels do turn slowly and then factor in the people that travel around with a selection of old favourite maps. Like us! Cheers Toni and Greg

  2. Howdy, came back home through Wanaaring the other day, but was looking at a map and was wondering can you travel the dog-fence west from Hungerford to Hamilton Gate and then north to Mirintu and further on?

    Trust all is well at Kilcowera!

    Baz – The Lasndy

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