That elusive stuff – Rain.

January 4, 2016

Another storm cloud that didn't deliver.Another storm cloud that didn’t deliver.

While there has been some terrific rain in Queensland not all places have received any in early January 2016.  There was a major rain event predicted for our area which is called the Channel Country.  Now from top to bottom this forecast area is around 1000 km long and 600 or 700 km wide in places.  How on earth anyone can say that an area that size can expect 75 to 150 mls of rain all over it?  And yet we are being actively encouraged by government and banks to base our management decisions on such outlandish predictions.  Thank God we didn’t come down in the last shower!

Our 2 places are nearly 200,000 acres and the highest rainfall that we recorded in 8 rain gauges was 21 ml – in places there was no rain at all.  It seems like  there has been some great rain in places lets just hope that it continues and also that it starts to fill in the gaps throughout Queensland.  And a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have been thinking of us – -all of us spread throughout the Outback waiting and  praying for rain.  We are still waiting and praying. The SW corner is still very, very dry.Tiny plant.Tiny little plant won’t last long without another drink.

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