Wildflowers everywhere at Kilcowera.

August 14, 2016


These Turkey Bushes have been flowering for months! 

To date this year we have had 238 mls of rain, mostly in 3 good falls not too far apart.  The rain has fallen over winter so we have a carpet of green herbage over much of the place as well as stacks of wildflowers.  Some more rain right now would be very beneficial as some of the herbage is starting to wilt.  The weather is also warming up so if we had some rain soon the grass would start to grow too.  So far the response from the grass has been very slow due to the short days and cold nights.

Kilcowera Station

Lignum bush flowering Kilcowera Station.

Our average rainfall is 250 mls so we have received nearly that much to date.  But summer rain is needed to break the drought.

Daisies popping up all over Kilcowera!

Daisies popping up all over Kilcowera!

Hopbush at Rustlers Roost, Kilcowera Station.

Hopbush at Rustlers Roost.

I just love it when we find new plants!  We have seen this one at Rustlers Roost – but only a few very small ones and never flowering!

Daisies at Kilcowera.

Daisies at Kilcowera.

These beautiful daisies are spread throughout the Mulga country in my area.  Between them and the Turkey Bush vast areas are glowing with purpleness!

One solitary Poached Egg Daisy at Kilcowera Station!

One solitary Poached Egg Daisy!

This is the only one I have seen so far.  The big yellow Paper Daisies are starting to appear and there are going to be gazillions of the little white Paper Daisies.  But all the magnificence doesn’t last long.  Especially if there is no more rain.

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