Drama in the bird world

January 20, 2012


Budgerigars at Kilcowera

Budgerigars at Kilcowera Station

We have had some wonderful photographers here over the years and seen some terrific images taken of the birds, scenery and wildlife.
Nevil Lazarus is one of my favourite visitors, he has been here a few times and loves the outback, often bringing friends with him. Last year he borought out his beer drinking team AKA, the navigator, the cook and the organiser. Leaving him to take his photos. Here are a few of them.

Brown Falcon with his dinner.

I think his prey is a little yellow throated miner, there are plenty of them around here.

Brown Falcon at Kilcowera Station, Outback Queensland.

Settling in with his little meal.

Brown Falcon and Willy Wagtail at Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.

About to be attacked!

Brown Falcon and Foe!!  At Kilcowera Station, SW Queensland.

WTF!!  Cheeky little sod!  I don’t suppose the falcon was put off his meal by this litle fella.

Communications in the Bush

December 17, 2011

Relaxing by Cardenyabba Lagoon, Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.

Relaxing by Cardenyabba Lagoon, Kilcowera Station, Outback Australia.

One of the few downsides to living in the bush is lack of access to services. When equipment won’t work or you run out of something it can be very frustrating. Just recently (again) we have been having trouble with our phone services. The landline would not work, the mobile which is next to useless would not work and we also had no internet.

 Now we have a really weird phone setup, it’s evidently a mobile that they have made our landline. Our internet is supposedly wireless but there is a wire and a modem and it plugs into the phone line which I would have thought made it ADSL. It’s either wildly clever or an abortion of a set up I’m not sure which!

 We also have no choice whatsoever about our carrier: It’s Telstra all the way for us and has always been. Well if it wasn’t for them we would not have any phone, such as it is. Anyway someone eventually reported our phone as not working and it was fixed, til next time. The last time we had no phone, we did have internet and mobile and could report the problem ourselves. Someone famously said “ All we want is a phone that works and works all the time!”

 One lonely Christmas a few years ago we had no phone for 10 days but we did have email. Now when we come out to put the coffee on in the morning we check to see if the phone is working and if we have internet too!